Why Men Like to Fight to be Fit

Why do we like to fight?  Why do we feel this need to be prepared, and protect?
When you step in the doors of Balance Martial Arts during an adult class, you will see a mat full of men and women, sweating it out, working sparring drills, gleefully punching, kicking, and grappling with their friends.   Why do we do it?  There are tons of fitness places around town where you can get a perfectly safe workout, but here, we push our limits, we make contact with other students, and leave with bumps and bruises that we proudly show off to worried co-workers the next day.  There is just something addictive about fighting to be fit that puts training in the martial arts on whole other level of fitness.  The physical contact has been proven to help release endorphins, and other horomones that create a sense of well-being, and belonging – even in the midst of (seemingly) battling for your life.   Men, in particular, are hard wired to defend, protect, and battle.   At Balance Martial Arts you can push the boundaries, satisfy the urge, and feed the beast, all while being coached by world class athletes, and top notch instructors so that you can still go back to your day job with out looking like you just got in a fight.  🙂
According to Mens Fitness and the rebooted body.
The idea might sound insane to some people: You’re going to pay money so you can go to a place every couple of days and get beat up. But, joining up to study a martial art can be extremely rewarding for your fitness and your overall well being. Picking the right system to study is crucial if you’re going to enjoy yourself and, ultimately, stick with it. Here’s a quick guide to help you figure out which one is right for you. And this list is just a start. There are plenty of other areas of study out there to explore, but the systems listed below can all be found right here in our school.
Most programs include a wide variety of activities. You’ll do a lot of drills and a fair bit of sparring, but there are also other things like relaxation techniques, standard cardiovascular exercises as well as self defense.  Here at Balance Martial Arts we teach a well rounded system that involves both traditional katas, and techniques handed down over the centuries, with the latest fitness trends to create a truly balanced martial arts.



What is it? This ground-based grappling technique broke off from Judo in the early 1900s. It really started to come to prominence when master Royce Gracie used it to dominate the early UFC tournaments. The object is to put your opponent in a submission hold that either knocks them out or inflicts so much pain that they have to submit.  We are very lucky to have Logos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, associated with World Champion, Lucas Lepri based right here in our school.  We have a wonderful community of talented, and generous athletes that can challenge experienced students, and help build up beginners.  For more information on our amazing Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu program, contact Tony Casarez at http://www.logosbjj.com/.


What is it? The literal Hebrew translation of Krav Maga is “battle contact” and we can’t think of a better description. It was developed by the Israeli Defense Force to be used in real-life combat situations. In addition to punches, kicks and throws, it teaches real-life scenarios like how to disarm an attacker. Rubber knives and guns will make appearances.   Both Sensei Chris, and Sensei Stefan are certified to teach Krav Maga and use it’s techniques in our adult karate classes on a weekly basis.  We also offer intense special training seminars for groups, and individuals.  Please contact us at http://info@balancemartialarts.com for more information.


What is it? Mixed Martial Arts hasn’t been in this country for long, but it sure has changed a lot since the early days of the UFC. What started as a collection of fighters from strict background facing off Bloodsport-style has evolved into a mature sport with a huge following and lots of nuance.

Combat and play fighting is well aligned with the primal nature of many intelligent animals. In terms of evolutionary usefulness, it’s about as functional as any form of exercise can get.

Until you’ve participated in martial arts, it’s impossible to understand just how frail and “in danger” you would be during a physical attack or confrontation. Training in martial arts is great for fat loss and fitness, but it could also save your life.
The reason martial arts are so well suited to promoting fat loss and improved body composition is because they blend functional movements with strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, agility, mobility and flexibility, spatial awareness, and gross motor control.


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