Warning Signs Your Child May Be A Target of Bullies

Warning Signs your child may be a target of bullies.

In just the past two weeks, we have had several parents contact us about issues their child is having at school with bullies.  This is here, in our peaceful town, in our children’s schools, and more often than not, our children don’t want to tell an adult they are getting bullied.  The effects of bullying can last a long time, and spotting the signs of being targeted could help prevent further abuse.    Here are 11 warning signs that can help you be aware of changes in your child’s behavior.
• Your child comes home missing things or his property has been damaged
• Has injuries he can’t or doesn’t want to explain.
• Has not interaction with other kids after school.
• Seems nervous taking a school bus or walking to school.
• Finds or makes up excuses as to why they can’t go to school
• Takes alternate routes home
• School grades are slipping
• Appears lonely or sad.
• Complains frequently of headaches, stomachaches or other physical ailments
• Loss of appetite
• Has lost self confidence.
Note: Children with disabilities may be at a higher risk of being bullied than other children.
Noticing signs like these are your cue to talk to your child and his teacher or counselor.   How you approach this conversation can make all the difference between getting them to open up, or shut you out.

Establish a connection with your child before you begin asking questions.

Example –  I’ve been seeing a lot of news reports about bullying.   It scares me.  Is this type of behavior happening at your school?    Are you or your friends having any problem with others picking on you?   Who are some of your friends at school?    Any kids at school you don’t like?  Why don’t you like them?
Follow up with the teacher and ask how your child does socially in school?    Who he is friends with?   Does the teacher think your child could be bullied or teased?
Continue to seek help.  If these signs are not those of being bullied you will want to find out what is causing them.   If he is being bullied take some action steps to rebuild his confidence self esteem and possibly his self defense skills before things get physical.

Bullying should never be taken lightly. While we’ve made great strides against bullying — bullying policies have been implemented by schools, the workplace and the government — we need to, as a community, prepare and educate our children on how to deal with this serious issue.

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