Martial Arts Summer Camp 2018!

Balance Martial Arts Summer Camp 2018

Don’t let electronic games and gadgets occupy your child this summer when they could be building their minds and bodies at Balance Martial Arts  summer camp! Balance Martial Arts offers a variety of programs for children of all ages and ability levels with specialized programs for beginners.  Our summer camps are taught by certified black belt instructors with over 20 years of teaching experience.  Your children will be challenged and well-supervised by our professional staff.   Beginners and experienced karate students alike will benefit from the lessons taught, and have a blast in the process! Ages 5 – 14 welcome.

If you are looking for an unforgettable, fun experience for your child – this is the camp for you! A special theme makes each week of camp unique; every day is packed with fun activities and outings for our campers.


Early Bird Special!!

Full Day: 9:30 – 4:30

Half Day: 9:30 – 1:00  or  1:00 – 4:30

Half Days for a Week – $150

Full Days for a Week – $225

You can also attend by the day at $60 / day, or $35 for half day.

Early & Late Pick up times are available at $6.00 / hour.

  • Price Includes 3 field trips / week!

Email us at for more information, or to reserve your child’s spot today!




Martial Arts Summer Camp


Week One – Hero Camp  

Week 1 – June 11th

Train like a super hero!  Go on missions to save the dojo.  Put your skills to the test!

Learn things like “Hulk Smash” and create your own costume to deflect strikes like Iron Man and Captain America.

Activities will include karate classes every day, super hero rescue missions,

AND, we will be creating our own Super Hero Costumes that students can keep!

Which hero will you be?

Week Two – Demo Team Camp!  

Week 2 – June 25th

Students will learn how to understand the key tools for developing the proper physical and

mental attitudes that provide a solid foundation for building long term confidence. We will learn

to overcome fears, and take on challenging experiences to help create better performers!

Activities will include karate classes, gymnastics coaching, art time developing our logo, and team names,

as well as creating, and performing a special high energy demo for parents at the end of the week!


Week Three – Star Wars Jedi Training  

Week 3 – July 9th

Prepare for the ultimate summer camp adventure at Jedi Training Camp!

Students will learn how to use a “light Saber” and then complete challenges to earn

true Jedi Status!  This was our most popular camp last year, and it’s back!

We will spend time working on Light Saber training with traditional bokken techniques, that include

strikes, blocks, and disarms!  This camp will be fun for every age, and participants will be able

to build their own light sabers to take home!

Week 4 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s Extreme Weapons Camp

Week 4 – July 30th

Nunchucks, Kamas, Bo Staff, Escrima Sticks, and even Sword training!!  Everyone will get the chance to learn

how to use their favorite weapon, and build an epic battle scene at the end of the week to show off for parents!!

We will have special weapons themed classes, and everyone will have the chance to create, and decorate their

own (safe) weapons to use during classes.  Every child will have the opportunity to create, and perform a weapons form at the end of the week!

Week 5 – Summer Olympics

Week 5 – August 13th

Finish out the summer with a week filled with fun competitions, and challenges.  Participants will be able to earn

medals by competing against each other, and camp counselors!  Pushups, Situps, Sprinting, Jumping, and

Time Challenges will be just a few of the events!!

Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals will be awarded to the winners of each event!

Week 6- Hyper Camp!

Week 6 – August 20th

Incredible Training  * Fun Challenges & Team Building

Leadership Development * Art Projects * Challenges & Contests

Filming & Photo-shoots




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