After School Karate

We at Championship Martial Arts, feel it’s necessary to provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn, exercise, study and form long lasting friendships.

Here you’ll find emphasis placed not only on martial arts but on life lessons such as building character, respect and self-control as well. These lessons will help young students in their martial arts practice, academics and social relationships. CMA’s After School Karate Program will not only help improve your child’s grades & social relationships, but you will also get all the benefits of training in our world-class kids martial arts program! Our After School Martial Arts classes focus on Karate, self-defense and countless fitness exercises. You will see huge improvements in your child’s overall fitness level and well being! To help with parents’ busy schedules, the CMA After School Karate program provides transportation via our privately owned van. Pickup is immediately following school dismissal, at which time students are brought to CMA’s training facility for an afternoon of studying, training, and games. Our program operates from school dismissal until 6:30pm, Monday through Friday on every regular school day. Karate Camp is available and included in tuition prices for Teacher Workdays and Early Release days.