Become A VIP (Very Involved Parent) Coaches Day December 13th

family karateInvolved Parents Help Foster More Successful Children!

Child experts all agree that Parent involvement in a child’s education can be one of the biggest predictors of student success.   That doesn’t just hold true in school, it works in every aspect of a child’s life, and karate is no different.    We have seen this scene play out over and over again, and we are happy to say that the families in our school are going a fantastic job supporting our aspiring karate warriors!

This past week we had our graduation, and yesterday, we nominated  our new group of Black Belt Candidates, due to test in June 2017.  Of these candidates, two of them have multiple family members, including parents, who train here at our school.   The other students’ parents usually stay for every class, cheering them on the whole time.   The final road to black belt is pretty challenging, both mentally, and physically.  As I was going down the list, I saw one candidate’s name, and thought to myself, “Oh, he’s going to do great because his dad is testing with him.”

Families That Kick Together, Stick Together!

Families that train martial arts together get a rare bonding experience that is hard to find in other sports.  Even though parents and kids do not train in the same class here at the school, they learn the same skills, and can practice together at home.

Become Raving Fans For Our Kids!


Sensei Chris and I are challenging ourselves, and ask you to do it, too.  This month, let’s really focus on supporting our kids, and becoming VIP Parents!  There are many ways to be a Very Involved Parent, watching class, cheering from the sidelines, attending social events here at the school together, and the highest level of involvement, hopping out on the mat, and earning your black belt, too!

VIP Coaches Day Tuesday, December 13th

Tuesday, December 13th,  will be our VIP coaches day.   Parents are invited to come out on the mat during your child’s class to learn tips on how to coach them at home.  We will also have a special VIP class at 7:15 for parents that would like to try a full karate class.  It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby, especially one that can increase your fitness, enhance your mood, and sharpen your self-defense skills, and help you find common ground with your child.  We promise this class will be for beginners, and a gentle introduction to martial arts.   Grab a friend, or your spouse, and hop out here with us!  We always have a small group of kids that socialize on the side while adult class is going on, so you won’t have to worry about childcare!

Contact us here if you have any questions!

VIP - Very important person - gold 3D render on the wall background with soft shadow.