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Wonder Woman – Summer Self Defense Series

Announcing our First Women's Summer Self Defense Series "Wonder Woman" Empower Yourself! This class covers miscellaneous scenarios from an "attitude and mindset not to be a victim", as well as developing a plan of action, and specific techniques to resist and escape an attack from a predator...and yes, they are PREDATORS! >>Recognize, and avoid dangerous situations. >>Learn practical self-defense that could save your life! >>REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM!!! This course is 6 weeks long beginning June 3rd through August 19th. According to your availability you can choose when you want come for classes for 6 weeks during this period ...
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Holiday Stress Release Workshop!

Holiday Stress Release Workshop! We know the holidays can be a busy time of year for everyone!  Traffic is crazy, parking lots are packed, and the lines in stores, and restaurants are getting longer, and longer.   Not to mention the fact that the end of the year is bearing down on us like a runaway freight train!   Here at Balance Martial Arts, we understand that feeling, and know exactly how to help!   A true martial arts class is all about balancing mind, body and spirit.   What could feel better than an 800 calorie burning, bag pounding, ...
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Become A VIP (Very Involved Parent) Coaches Day December 13th

Involved Parents Help Foster More Successful Children! Child experts all agree that Parent involvement in a child's education can be one of the biggest predictors of student success.   That doesn't just hold true in school, it works in every aspect of a child's life, and karate is no different.    We have seen this scene play out over and over again, and we are happy to say that the families in our school are going a fantastic job supporting our aspiring karate warriors! This past week we had our graduation, and yesterday, we nominated  our new group of Black ...
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Parents Night Out

Sumo Wrestling! Saturday, February 25th 6-9PM $20 1st child  $15 - additional family members or friends!  Includes:  3 hours of Fun, & Pizza Dinner! Yes, you will get to wear the Sumo Boppers to wrestle!!  Be sure to reserve your spot asap, it will fill up fast! Friends are welcome to play, too; you do not have to be a karate student to participate. Everyone wins with our PNO - Park West Village is a great place for Moms and Dads to enjoy a 3 hour date while your child has a blast with us!  Not only that, but we promise ...
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Martial Arts Summer Camp 2018!

Balance Martial Arts Summer Camp 2018 Don't let electronic games and gadgets occupy your child this summer when they could be building their minds and bodies at Balance Martial Arts  summer camp! Balance Martial Arts offers a variety of programs for children of all ages and ability levels with specialized programs for beginners.  Our summer camps are taught by certified black belt instructors with over 20 years of teaching experience.  Your children will be challenged and well-supervised by our professional staff.   Beginners and experienced karate students alike will benefit from the lessons taught, and have a blast in the ...
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