October Student Spotlight


Zoe  Bradford


We are lucky to have a seemingly endless supply of talented, kind, and fierce students here at Balance Martial Arts, and today, we would like to put the spotlight on one of our Black Belt Candidates.

She is Zoe Bradford, and has been training with us, attending at least 2 classes a week for almost 4 years now.  She leads her classmates by example, and never shows off.    This attitude doesn’t stop here; she is excelling at school as well!  We took the time to talk to Zoe about her journey to black belt last week, and here is what she had to say:


Age:  10

Belt Rank:  4th Brown

How long have you been training?   3 ½ years

Why did you start?   I started because I was very shy, and my parents wanted me to be confident and brave.

How often do you train?  I usually train 3 days a week.

What is your favorite thing to do in class & why?  My favorite thing to do is kicking.  Kicking makes me feel powerful and balanced.


Do you practice at home?   Yes, because karate is really good exercise for your body that you do at home or at the dojo.


How has karate helped you?   Karate has helped me be less shy and more of leader.

Can you tell us a favorite memory you have from here at the school?   One of my favorite memories was when the demo team and performed at Angels Among Us.


What is your martial arts goal?  My Martial arts goal is to become a second degree black belt.

What other things do you like to do other than karate?  I like to read and do math problems.


We are so proud of Zoe, and her amazing journey to Black Belt!  Keep up the good work, Zoe!


Here is a word from Zoe’s mom about her experience here at Balance Martial Arts.

Three years ago, our daughter was a shy 6 year old looking for a new fun activity.  Little did we know that martial arts would soon be way more than a fun activity, it would become a way of life.  Today, with the great patience and expertise of Sensei Chris and Sensei Stefan, she is a confident and talented kicking machine.  Thanks to constant support of the Senseis, we have seen so much growth in her abilities and attitude.  Her pride has bubbled to the top as she moved through the belts and all of the skills that came with each round of testing. Not only has her martial arts training taught her control and self-defense, it has also taught her about the type of person she wants to be.  Every class the Senseis take time to talk to the kids about their strengths and what they should expect of themselves in life.  I hear her reiterating these with great pride to her friends.  As a parent, it is hard to put into words how thankful we are to have our daughter being led by such exceptional and talented people.  We all look forward to seeing our daughter with that black belt tied around her waist, and that huge smile on her face!   

~Andrea Bradford


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